Sierra y Cielo

Perched on a remote mountainside, in one corner of an ecological refuge, close to Podocarpus National Park, is our little homestead. We’re a one hour steep hike or horse ride, from the nearest road. This keeps us humble, and gives us the opportunity to connect with the land in a more profound way.

The way we grow our food and medicinal products is as radical as our lifestyle. Instead of neatly rowed gardens, and the constant war against nature that this paradigm promotes, we follow the principles of ecology. Biodiversity, with an abundance of native and domestic species, is key within our systems. Thriving ecosystems can be dynamic, while also maintaining a balance that doesn’t threaten our harvests the way it does with conventional, even organic methods. Because of our ecology-centered philosophy, and thanks to the balance it creates, we don’t apply any pesticides, not even organic ones.