Where it all began

Mama Libélula has its roots in the woods, meadows, dunes, and organic farm fields of Southwest Michigan. It was the beauty of these spaces and the plants that thrived there that ultimately inspired my interest in herbalism and a more natural way of living.

I founded Wild Blossom Herbals as a budding herbalist back in 2014 with the hope of providing lovely, safe alternatives to toxic conventional body, health, & home products. While many of these original formulations have evolved over the years, the crafting & creating I did during this time continues to inspire many of the concoctions I make to this day.

In 2015, I co-founded Augusta Creek Permaculture forest garden & farmstead in a little countryside town in Southwest Michigan with my friend, Matt. The site has since been sold (and the new owners have since cut down all the fruit trees, ripped out the medicinal herbs and have planted a lawn instead), but the beautiful moments and the lessons I learned during my time there live on in my heart to this day. 

Five years ago, I moved to the Sierras of Ecuador, where I currently reside with my family & animals, on a remote little homestead up in the Andean mountains. You can find out more about our project, Sierra y Cielo, here.