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Reclaiming Female Fertility

“The primary purpose of passing laws to control women’s fertility is to obscure the fact that it’s not possible to control our fertility.” — Yolande Norris-Clark

The recent overturn of Roe v. Wade in the United States has led to a great deal of discussion around women’s rights and the ever heated subject of abortion. Yet, despite all the conversation surrounding these recent changes, it is rarely acknowledged that while laws might be passed indicating otherwise, women will always own their fertility. Modern females have all but forgotten this, but for thousands of years, women have been avoiding & releasing pregnancies, entirely outside of the system and without permission from anyone.

Now, this isn’t me advocating for sketchy back alley abortions. I don’t see that as a good solution. Instead, this is a call to something bigger and much more powerful — a reclamation of our fertility. I recognize that this is a foreign notion in a culture that teaches us to be ashamed of our our bodies, to disconnect from our monthly rhythms, and ultimately to disassociate from our feminine power. But, there is a wild woman inside of you that knows the way back.

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Fertility, Wild Woman

Damiana-Rose Sensual Massage Oil

Physical intimacy is an essential part of the human experience. Modern research supports what we intuitively know: touch is important to overall well-being, as well as the health of our relationships (Sreenivasan & Weinberger, 2021).

Studies show that physical affection reduces levels of cortisol (Ditzen et al., 2008), a stress hormone that is released to help your body react to a perceived threat, but can be detrimental to your health if levels stay elevated long term (WebMD, 2020).

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Holistic Care for Menstrual Pain

Western medicine doesn’t have much to offer women who suffer from painful periods. Anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals and hormonal birth control are often considered the only options for relief.

These solutions, however, do not take into account that painful menstruation is often an indicator of underlying issues. Thus, the medications would have to be continued indefinitely for long term relief. Lasting improvement of this issue can typically only be achieved by taking the whole woman into account.

The following suggestions focus on improving overall well-being, in addition to strengthening and toning the reproductive organs.

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Momma’s Bliss Tea

Updated March 1, 2022

This tasty and uplifting tea blend will give your body & soul a boost. It’s formulated with new moms in mind, but is beneficial as a relaxing, digestive boosting tea for men and women of all ages.

In our modern culture, motherhood can be an isolated and stressful experience. Simple rituals, like a soothing cup of tea at the end of a long day can help to ground us, and ease the worries of the day. While you sip, take a moment to breathe & quietly reflect or write in a journal.

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DIY: Fertility Cycle Bracelet for Women

Fertility bracelets are a tool to facilitate awareness of the phases of our monthly cycles. They help women get more in touch with their bodies so they are better able to predict their monthly period and other phases of fertility. They offer a easy daily reminder of where you are at in your cycle and can help cue you into changes that are happening in your body at different times of the month.

For women hoping to become pregnant, fertility bracelets can help highlight fertile days where conception is possible. These bracelets can also be utilized as a part of natural family planning, but should not be used a primary method of birth control without a solid understanding of your cycle and the aid of some other fertility tracking or barrier methods, as they are not a reliable method for avoiding pregnancy.

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