Orange Sage Butter Board

Photo Credit: Brittany Peterson

Today’s post is an excerpt from the winter edition of Botanical Anthology written by Brittany Peterson. This plant centered digital publication is packed with seasonal crafts, recipes, foraging tips, articles & more. Click here for more info and to see the full table of contents.

Move over charcuterie boards, there’s a new indulgence in town. Boards laid out for guests have been a hostess trick for years, but they are ever evolving. The last decade has brought a child-like imagination to the infamous appetizer, through techniques such as beautiful roses made of delicatessens, but as sourdough bread has made its way back into the hearts of home kitchens, butter boards are taking the stage as an accompanying act.

Imagine a cold winter day, pulling hot bread from the stove and dipping it into a spread of butter adorned with fresh herbs and topped with sweet honey. There are so many ways to jazz up butter from herbs to citrus to edible flowers and the flavor combinations are endless! 

Do you know someone dairy free or would you rather find a healthy afternoon snack for the family?  Check out the Winter edition of Botanical Anthology to find the accompanying recipe for a Nut Butter Board.


  • 1 serving board
  • 1 stick of salted butter, softened
  • 1 orange
  • 1 bundle of sage
  • Honey to drizzle


Spread softened butter onto a clean serving board in a pattern or with whimsy.  Zest orange over the spread. Place small leaves or chopped sage across the mixture. Drizzle with honey. 

Serve immediately with warm bread or place in the fridge for later.

Brittany and her family are holistic homesteaders on a mission to live sustainably in the suburbs. Find her on Instagram at @subourbonfarms.

The winter edition of the Botanical Anthology is currently on sale! If you purchase your copy before December 14th, you’ll also receive a bonus Evergreen eBooklet for free. Get your copy here.

For more plant focused inspiration, be sure to follow The Plant Wonder Collective on Instagram @plantwondercollective and follow @botanical_anthology for updates and information about the publication.

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