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Resources for Naturally Minded Pregnant Mommas

There is no shortage of advice about pregnancy, birth, post-partum, breastfeeding, and those early newborn days online. However, for naturally minded mommas, it can sometimes be difficult to find quality information that is in line with their ideals.

Below you will find an organized collection of articles written from a holistic & natural perspective on a variety of pregnancy, birth, and post-partum related topics — everything from remedies for morning sickness, to nourishing your body during pregnancy, to preparing for birth + post-partum, to herbs for breastfeeding, and so much more.

Remedies for Common Pregnancy Woes

Remedies for Heartburn During Pregnancy — Mama Natural

Natural Relief for Heartburn During Pregnancy — Aviva Romm, MD

Remedies for Constipation in Pregnancy — Mama Natural

Remedies to Ease Round Ligament Pain — Mama Natural

Remedies for Morning Sickness

Real Food Tips for Managing Nausea in Pregnancy — Lily Nichols, RDN

Natural Morning Sickness Remedies — Mama Natural

Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness — Mama Libélula

Morning Sickness Remedy Smoothie — Mama Natural

Healthy Pregnancy

5 Safe Herbs for a More Comfortable Pregnancy and Better Birth — Aviva Romm, MD

6 Doctor Recommended Herbs for Pregnancy — Dr. Jolene Brighten

Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy — Mama Libélula

Benefits of a Mindful Pregnancy — Lily Nichols, RDN

Exercise Pregnancy Blues Away — Kelly Brogan, MD

Exercises for a Healthy Pregnancy & Labor — Mama Natural

Natural Approaches to Depression in Pregnancy — Aviva Romm, MD

Herb & Essential Oil Safety

Herbs in Pregnancy: What’s Safe, What’s Not — Aviva Romm, MD

Herbs to Avoid in Pregnancy & Breastfeeding — Growing Up Herbal

Herb Safety in Pregnancy — Kelly Brogan, MD

Safe Essential Oils for Pregnancy — Herbal Academy

Protecting Baby in the Womb

Is it Safe to Drink Coffee While Pregnant? — Mama Natural

Pregnant and Pre-Polluted: 8 Choices for a Healthier Womb — Kelly Brogan, MD

Protecting Your Baby’s Health Even Before Birth — Aviva Romm, MD

Medication Use During Pregnancy

Antibiotics in Pregnancy — Kelly Brogan, MD

Antidepressants During Pregnancy: What’s A Mom to Do? — Aviva Romm, MD

Warning: Pregnancy and Tylenol — Kelly Brogan, MD

Headaches in Pregnancy: Is Tylenol Safe? — Aviva Romm, MD

Pregnancy Diet & Nutrition

Why Prenatal Nutrition Guidelines Need to be Updated — Lily Nichols, RDN

Diet in Pregnancy: FAQs — Weston A. Price Foundation

Electrolytes & Pregnancy — Lily Nichols, RDN

Food Cravings During Pregnancy — Dr. Jolene Brighten

Top 10 Foods for a Healthy Pregnancy — The Real Food Dietitians

Benefits of Eating Eggs in Pregnancy — Lily Nichols, RDN

Eating for Two: The Pregnancy Diet — Kelly Brogan, MD

Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy — Dr. Jolene Brighten

Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy — Mama Natural

Prenatal Vitamins — Kelly Brogan, MD

The Importance of a Healthy Gut During Pregnancy — Dr. Jolene Brighten


Common Causes & Signs of Miscarriage — Dr. Jolene Brighten

A Complete Guide to Miscarriage at Home — Aviva Romm, MD


Herbs for an Easier Labor — Aviva Romm, MD

Birth Essentials for Labor & Delivery — Mama Natural

5 Simple Ways I’m Preparing For My Natural Delivery — Growing Up Herbal

Herbs for Childbirth — Mama Libélula

Too Many Cesareans: What You Need to Know — Aviva Romm, MD

Gentle Natural Birth for Modern Mommas — Dr. Sarah Buckley

10 Things I Wish All Pregnant Women Knew About Birth — Aviva Romm, MD

Gentle, Natural Mammalian Birth — Dr. Sarah Buckley

Natural Birth & Breastfeeding: Replaceable? — Kelly Brogan, MD

Water Birth Study — Oregon State University

Pitocin is not Oxytocin — Kelly Brogan, MD

Epidurals in Labor (Part 1) — Dr. Sarah Buckley

Epidurals in Labor (Part 2) — Dr. Sarah Buckley

The Placenta

Let’s Talk Placenta Birth — Indie Birth

Severing the Umbilical Cord: Preparing for your Baby’s Separation from their Placenta After Birth — Mama Libélula

Honoring the Placenta After Birth — Mama Libélula

Placentophagia: Eating Your Placenta — Mama Libélula

Placenta Smoothie Recipes — Indie Birth


Herbs for Breastfeeding — Mama Libélula

Boosting the Nutrition of Breast milk — Growing Up Herbal

How Does Breastfeeding Shape Baby’s Immune System & Gut Health — Dr. Jolene Brighten

Lactation Cookie Recipe — Mama Natural

Natural Remedies for Problems in Breastfeeding (Part 1) — Susun Weed

Natural Remedies for Problems in Breastfeeding (Part 2) — Susun Weed

How to Boost your Milk Supply with this Simple Herbal Blend — Growing Up Herbal


Post-Partum Recovery Essentials — Mama Natural

Post-Partum Must Haves for Natural Mommas — Growing Up Herbal

Keys to a Happy, Healthy Post-Partum — Indie Birth

Natural Ways to Heal After Vaginal Delivery — Dr. Jolene Brighten

Healing Herb Baths for New Mommas — Aviva Romm, MD

Exquisite Self Care in the First Six Weeks — Kimberly Ann Johnson

10 Essential Post-Partum Snacks for Moms — The Holy Kale


First encounters of the microbial kind: perinatal factors direct infant gut microbiome establishment — Microbiome Research Reports

Protecting Baby’s Microbiome from the Start — Aviva Romm, MD

8 Herbs to Have on Hand for Common Newborn Issues — Growing Up Herbal

Elimination Communication — Mama Natural

Intro to Elimination Communication — Go Diaper Free

Cloth Diapering 101 — Mama Natural

Why Use Cloth Diapers + DIY Cloth Wipes — Mama Libélula

Homemade Baby Formula — Weston A. Price Foundation

If you’ve enjoyed this post and want more information, check out: My Favorite Books About Pregnancy, Birth & Post-Partum for my recommendations for more reading material.

Wishing you a happy + healthy pregnancy, birth, and post-partum period!

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