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Homemade Hummus —Three Ways

Updated February 26, 2022

Hummus is a delicious Middle Eastern dip that is typically made with blended chickpeas and tahini. It pairs well with fresh veggies or pita bread, and is a great accompaniment to many different dishes.

Hummus is also a great source of plant-based protein, making it an excellent option for vegetarians and vegans. And it’s packed with nutrients, including iron, folate, phosphorus and B vitamins (Raman).

Another great thing about hummus, is that it goes well with many different herbs and spices, meaning you can easily customize it. In this post, I’ll share three different tasty variations of hummus.

I first make a plain hummus and then divide it in half and flavor each hummus differently. You can just make the plain hummus and not flavor it, if you prefer it without the added herbs & spices.

Splitting the plain hummus and flavoring it both ways, however, is a great option for potlucks and get togethers so you can have two different dips for people to try. You can also make both variations and store them in the fridge or pack them in your cooler when you go camping so that you have options for a quick, healthy snack on hand.

Basic Hummus Recipe


  • 1 1/4 cup tahini
  • 3 cups chickpeas
  • 3/4 cup lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1 head roasted garlic
  • 1 tsp salt
  • freshly ground black pepper, to taste


First, roast the garlic. Once it has cooled, add to a food processor with rest of the ingredients and blend til smooth & creamy. Use a spatula to scrape the hummus out of the food processor into a bowl. If you like your hummus plain, then you’re finished! You can enjoy the hummus now or store in a sealed container in the fridge.

However, if you’re interested in a little extra flavor, follow the recipes below.

Smokey Turmeric Hummus


  • 1/2 of basic hummus (recipe above)
  • 2 tsp smoked paprika powder
  • 3 tsp turmeric powder


If you want to flavor your hummus both ways, then divide the basic hummus you just made in half, setting the other portion aside in a separate bowl. Then stir in the smoked paprika and turmeric.

Herbed Hummus


  • 1/2 of basic hummus (recipe above)
  • 10 springs of lemon thyme
  • 3 large sprigs of oregano
  • 6 leaves of sage
  • 5 sprigs of thyme
  • 4 tsp lime juice


Remove the stems and then finely chop the herbs. Mix half of the basic hummus you made earlier with this blend of herbs and stir to combine.

Enjoy your tasty homemade hummus with crackers, pita bread, & fresh veggies or spread it onto wraps & sandwiches. You can also add hummus to dressings or sauces to help thicken them and add nutrients & flavor.


Raman, Ryan. “Is Hummus Healthy? 8 Great Reasons to Eat More Hummus.” Healthline. May 2, 2018. Retrieved from https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/is-hummus-healthy

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