Resources for New Herbalists

A newly found interest in herbalism can spark one’s curiosity in a serious way. There is much to know about the many different wonderful medicinal plants —how to grow & harvest them, how to prepare them, how to use them, and so on.

The following list is a compilation of some wonderful blogs & websites, books, and a few other resources to get you started on your green journey.

Many of the blogs listed are favorites of mine, ones I turn to often for inspiration, to learn something new, or to rediscover a plant I haven’t used in awhile. The books listed are ones that I have personally read and enjoyed. There is lots of great literature on herbs and various aspects of natural medicine, but I chose to list books that will be helpful to lay some groundwork as you delve into herbalism. You will also find these books useful later on as references.

I’ve also included links for some herb and seed suppliers to help get you started with herbal preparation and cultivation.

Best wishes as you embark on your adventures in herbalism!

Websites – Michigan based herbalist jim mcdonald’s website. Here you will find info about a variety of herbs, as well as some recipes and how to’s. There is also a schedule of his upcoming herb walks and classes (which are really informative, fun, and worth attending if you live in the area!)

Enchanter’s Green – Folk herbalist, Kiva Rose’s, blog where she shares herbal recipes, information about using specific herbs, musings about herbalism, and a lot more. – Herbalist 7song’s website links to lots of great PDFs covering botany, medicinal preparations, and specific herbal treatments useful for first aid, various health issues, and the different body systems. It also includes information about classes and apprenticeships at the Northeast School of Botanical Medicine.

Mountain Rose Herb Blog– Mountain Rose Herb’s blog is a collection of awesome DIY herbal how to’s, recipes, product profiles, and other feature stories about different projects they’re involved in.– Herbalist, Susan Weed’s, website lists info on classes and apprenticeships with her. You’ll also find an archive (2007-present) of all the issues of Weed Wanderings, her monthly Wise Woman Ezine.

The Herbal Academy Blog– The Herbal Academy’s blog is a favorite of mine, as it often provides inspiration for fun herbal treats or projects. It is updated frequently, featuring various herb profiles, DIYs, and recipes that are often seasonally relevant.

Herbs with Rosalee – Rosalee de la Forêt’s website has a great medicinal plant index, lots of herbal recipes, and links to resources for herbalists.

Mythic Medicine– California herbalist, Amber Magnolia Hill’s, site includes information about herbal self care, feminine embodiment, and deepening ancestral connections.

Learning Herbs – A great blog for new herbalists (and old!) that includes lots of great information about various natural remedies, herbal activities for kids, medicinal plant preparations, and more!

Moonrise Herbs – The blog of herbalist & wise woman, Linda Conroy. Here she shares whole food recipes, herbal information, and knowledge about traditional skills.

The Essential Herbal Blog – The Essential Herbal is an amazing herb magazine that publishes 6 issues a year. The articles are submitted from herbalists all over the United States and cover topics like, seasonal recipes, herbal musings, craft instructions, traditional skills, and more! The blog includes similar content and updates on the magazine.

Burdock & Rose – This blog is written by Midwest herbalist, forager, and author, Lisa Rose. Here you’ll find information about wildcrafting and preparing various edible and medicinal plants.


Bulk Herbs & Supplies

Seed & Plant Suppliers

*Note: this blog post was last updated June 16, 2021 to fix links & remove websites that no longer exist

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