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Strawberry-Lime Fruit Leather

Strawberry Lime Fruit Leather

Updated February 26, 2022

This fruit leather is full of delicious, nutrient dense ingredients and is a great snack to keep on hand. It is naturally packed with vitamin C, which is essential for healing wounds, and maintaining strong bones and teeth [1]. It also is a great source of fiber, which promotes healthy digestion and weight management [2].

Apples are a great source of vitamins and minerals, as well as quercetin, a potent antioxidant that promotes cardiovascular and brain health and may help to reduce the risk of cancer [3].

Limes are also an important source of many nutrients, and can help to boost the immune system, promote skin health, and lower blood pressure. Their high vitamin C content may also help improve the body’s ability to absorb iron [4].

Strawberries are rich in nutrients, including vitamins C & B9 and potassium. They can help to boost immune, cardiovascular, & skin health, regulate blood pressure, and may even help reduce the risk of developing cancer [5].

This fruit packed snack is a great alternative to conventional fruit roll ups or fruit snacks. Unlike these highly processed foods — which contain artificial flavorings, synthetic dyes, and lots of added sugars —homemade fruit leathers are made with vitamin and mineral rich whole ingredients that are just as delicious as they are good for you.

To make this fruit leather you will need:

• 4 apples
• 2 pounds of strawberries
• 2 limes
• olive oil mister or parchment paper


Peel and dice all the apples. Put the apple chunks in a big pot on medium heat.


Remove the leaves and stems from the strawberries. Cut them in half and set them aside.

When the apples are soft, add the strawberries to the pot.


Continue cooking the mixture on low heat until the fruits have broken down. Stir frequently.


When the fruits resemble a slightly chunky mush, remove the pot from heat.

Mist a dehydrator tray very lightly with olive oil or line it with parchment paper.

When the mixture has cooled a bit, spread it on the prepared dehydrator tray.


Dehydrate the mixture at 125°F for about 10 hours or until the mixture is firm and soft, but not gooey.

Cut the ring into small slices and store in an air tight container. Enjoy your nutrient packed fruity snack!

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